The Greatest: Muhammad Ali dies – 4 June 2016

Former world heavyweight boxing champion, often dubbed ‘The Greatest’, Muhammad Ali has died at the age of 74.  Here’s how the news broke on Twitter:


Leicester City Football Club win the Premier League – 2 May 2016

This evening, having started the football season as 5000-1 rank outsiders, Leicester City secured their first ever Premier League title. Here’s how the excitement unfolded on Twitter:

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Yes! Just Yes! Leicester City are champions!

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2015: My year in tweets (July to December) – 1 January 2016

Following on from the first six months, here are my favourite tweets from July to December:

2015: My year in tweets (January to June) – 1 January 2016

As I did last year, I’ve again cherry-picked some of my favourite tweets from the year.

Here’s how the first half of 2015 unfurled:

You can see tweets selected from July to December 2015 here.