A day in Bournemouth – 18 September 2010

Why am I putting a blog together for a day that we spent in Bournemouth over a year ago?

I’ve been taking photos for many years now, and, until Fotopic hit the buffers, I was storing them online there.  Since then, my collection has moved to Pikfu, although plans for further development here seem to have come to a halt also.

So, I’m faced with a mountain of photos from September 2010 onwards with nowhere for them to go – hence the Bournemouth posting!

I can’t actually remember much about the day itself apart from the fact that it was the first time that we’d been down since April that year.  It was also the day that Dad went back into hospital.

Here are a few shots from the day:

Emily discovering Bournemouth beach for the first time

Sarah and Emily

Sarah and Emily

Rebekah in Harry Ramsdens


A balloon modeller making a giraffe for Rebekah

Holly with her flower


Bournemouth beach in the September sunshine

Looking down from the pier

Holly and Rebekah

Sisterly love

Two sisters

Final view of Bournemouth pier

Pony in the New Forest

As well as continuing to add new material, I’ll also look to ‘backfill’ older photos into here.

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