A sad day – 23rd October 2010

Late last evening came through the news that we’d all been fearing, that a good friend of ours, Zoe had lost her battle against cancer.


Zoe grew up in South Africa and came over to the UK about ten years ago.  She joined our church in Maidenhead and happily mucked in with many of our activities including several of our famous ‘Overnight Walks’ which always ended in a BBQ Breakfast as we watched the dawn breaking.

Zoe met her husband to be, Nabil, and they both came along to my 28th birthday celebrations back in 2001. 

We watched their relationship develop and were proud to see them marry, on a glorious sunny day back in September 2004 where we enjoyed a fantastic wedding reception at the Royal Holloway University.

Zoe and Nabil

After their wedding we saw less of Zoe, as she and Nabil moved to a different church in another area.

They went on to have two children, Kayden and Jerome.

Around the beginning of the year, Zoe was diagnosed with a very rare type of cancer and had an operation to successfully remove the tumour.  Sadly the cancer reappeared a few months later and spread relatively quickly.  She passed away on Thursday evening.

It’s difficult to take on board when someone your own age dies of cancer.  We normally associate it as being something that people get when they’re older.  It’s harder still when you have your own kids and have to think of children growing up without a mother in their lives any more.

I’m left with many happy memories of Zoe, as a bubbly, cheerful and vivacious lover of life.  She had a great sense of humour.

As Christians, we believe that Zoe is now with her Lord and free from all pain and suffering.  We would remember, in our thoughts and prayers, those who are left behind – Nabil, Kayden and Jerome – as they seek to pick up the pieces and carry on without Zoe.

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