Now we are four! – 18th November 2010

Holly’s birthday celebrations started late last night when we realised that the doll’s house we’d bought for her needed assembling!

Given my lack of DIY prowess, this was something of a protracted process which even involved me screwing one of the doors onto the wrong side of the house.  Eventually, the work was done and by midnight all was in place, albeit with the house draped in wrapping paper, rather than being tightly cocooned, due to insufficient paper!

Holly awoke by 7am and amazingly we persuaded her not to open any presents before 7.15am, thus allowing for a short lie-in!

Holly on her 4th birthday

The doll’s house proved to be more successful than its wrapping paper had been in concealing the contents and both Holly and Rebekah enjoyed playing with it.

Rebekah and Emily’s combined gift of a talking doll proved to be the most popular of the day and Holly insisted on taking it with her for most of the day.

The morning was spent at the popular Toddler group at our church before returning home for lunch.

We managed to visit both sets of Holly’s Grandparents in the afternoon before Rebekah came out of school and Holly showed her lack of tact while unwrapping a present.  On opening a somewhat dull coloured shirt, it was flung across the floor in a fit of pique.  Fortunately the kind donor wasn’t present at the time to witness this gross disregard of their carefully chosen gift!

Later in the afternoon we went to an almost deserted Pizza Hut with Holly’s best friend, Nathan.

After dinner we returned home and enjoyed some homemade chocolate birthday cake in front of the fire with some of Holly’s cousins.

Holly blowing out her birthday candles

There remained one final act of the day that has become synonymous with Holly’s birthday.  It has become traditional in our house to set up the girl’s Christmas tree in their room.  Having their own tree allows me the opportunity to have my own tree in the lounge without it becoming bedecked with their personally crafted fripperies!

Christmas is coming

At the end of the day, I asked Holly what had been the best thing about her birthday – her answer was simple ‘Being four!’.

As we get older, birthdays become progressively less exciting the more of them we collect.  It’s a shame that as we age, we seem to lose much of our youthful innocence and forget how much fun they used to be when we were children.

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