A wintry walk at Cliveden – 22nd February 2011

I had a couple of days off following Dad’s funeral and on Tuesday afternoon, we decided to meet my sister (Heather) and my nephew and niece (Hugh and Katy) over at Cliveden House.

Four cousins at Cliveden

We finally got around to joining the National Trust during our holiday in Weymouth, back in October last year, and this was the first chance we’d taken to use our membership – albeit still with temporary cards!

Mum was planning to join us for the afternoon but she had been struck down with a virilant bug that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment.

The weather was cold and cloudy as we took a walk along the ‘Snowdrop trail’.


The girls enjoyed seeing the early spring flowers and spotted a couple of early daffodils that had seen fit to break cover early.

After the trail, which passed through the woodlands to the house, we ended up visiting the new wooden park and the girls enjoyed playing there for a while.

Finally we managed to persuade them that it was time to defrost, and we headed off to the shop for a couple of purchases before heading home.

Hopefully we’ll get back up there again in a few weeks time to see the daffodils in all their glory – with slightly warmer weather!

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