A sunny day in the Cotswolds – 19th March 2011

It’s been a few years since we last visited the Cotswolds and as it was such a sunny day, something of a rarity at the moment, we decided it was high time for a return trip.

We left home around 10am and set off, via Bourne End for petrol, to join the M40.  Once there we ended up playing the girl’s normal game of counting different brands on lorries (Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda etc).

At one point there was a long gap in traffic heading the opposite direction from us on the M40 and eventually we came to a nasty accident which had blocked the motorway – sadly from reading the report, it appears that there was a fatality there.

Eventually we arrived at Little Chef in Burford where we stopped for an enjoyable lunch.

Little Chef Early Starter

Little Chef Early Starter

With time marching relentlessly on, we soon headed off to Bourton-on-the-water, where Holly had a yearning to see Brum in a museum there.  Fortunately we managed to get a space in the large car-park and headed off into the village.

We stopped for a short time on one of the bridges, during which time Sarah managed to drop Holly’s sunglasses into the river, causing much dismay.  Fortunately she was able to wade into the water and effect a successful rescue.

Sarah, Holly and Rebekah on a bridge in Bourton

Sarah, Holly and Rebekah on a bridge in Bourton

The Cotswold Motor Museum is home not only to a wide range of cars and motorbikes, but also to a host of old signage, motoring memorabilia from days gone by and also displays of more modern toys and games.

Rebekah found it difficult to appreciate that old televisions on display used to only have three channels on and that you had to get up from the sofa to change channel!  We did manage to see Brum as well!

Rebekah and Holly with Brum

Rebekah and Holly with Brum

The girls enjoyed the museum – particularly it’s well-stocked gift shop!

After the museum it was time for an ice-cream and Emily enjoyed finishing off Holly’s one.

Emily polishing off an ice cream

Emily polishing off an ice cream

We managed to fit in a little pottering around the shops before stopping for a drink at the Windrush Cafe.

Before we left, the girls decided they would like to visit the maze.  I set off with Rebekah and left Sarah with Holly and Emily to help her.  The maze has various ‘clues’ spread around it which help to reveal a secret when you reach the middle and the girls enjoyed looking out for them.

Finally, before we left Bourton, we were able to sit by the river and enjoy a picnic tea, albeit helped along with hot chips from the local chippy!

One of the many ducks in Bourton

One of the many ducks in Bourton

Overall, it was a really enjoyable day and great to get out and about after several months having to focus on other things.  The girls have already said that they would like to return at some point and there is a lot to see – even just in Bourton itself.

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