Maidenhead lightning strike – 28th June 2011

This morning, after having fed Emily at about 6am, we were beginning to doze off again.  Suddenly, we were rudely jerked back into wakefulness by a bright flash of lightning followed almost immediately by an enormous clap of thunder which reverberated around for about 30 seconds.


Looking out of the window, there was nothing obvious to see afterwards and very little in the way of rain or subsequent thunder.  Shortly afterwards we heard the distant sound of a siren.

It turned out that a number of Maidenhead homes had been hit.  Fortunately, there were no casualties and damage seemed to be largely superficial although it had knocked out a number of the internet connections of local properties.

It was certainly an unusual way to start the day and can be nicely summarised by this Wordle constructed from comments made by people on the Maidenhead Advertiser website.

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