Vegetable Plot Update – 14th August 2011

It’s been a while since I updated on here about the progress of our vegetable plot.

The vegetable plot in need of some attention

Fortunately one of Mum’s neighbours was able to keep it watered while we were on holiday – particularly helpful as the weather was unusually hot.

Vegetable plot from another angle

Although the plot is in desperate need of some weeding, the plants are all doing well and we have already enjoyed a couple of good portions of runner beans and French beans.

Runner beans

There are several tomatoes on their way, helped no doubt by the recent rainfall, as well as more rhubarb and some yellow courgettes!

Yellow courgettes

The carrots seem to be a little slower to develop but are also heading in the right direction.

Rhubarb with carrots to the left

The whole plot will benefit from some additional compost being added to the soil which will be a job for the autumn.  Overall, and certainly compared with our poor efforts last year, I’m pretty pleased with the results so far.  It’s certainly come a long way since we first started work!


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