The arrival of Tiger – 19th August 2011

Only once have I been moved on here to put a few words together about a new shop opening.  That was back in November 2010 when Alworths came to Maidenhead.

Two days ago a new Tiger store opened in the Peacocks Shopping Centre in Woking.

Woking's Tiger store nears completion

Tiger hails from Copenhagen where it was established some ten years ago.  Their mission is simply ‘To provide our customers with stylish products, in a pleasant environment, at astonishingly low prices.’

We had been eagerly awaiting the new store and, on its first day of trading, I took the time to go in there with a friend of mine, Alan, from work.   We joined the crowds inside who all appeared to be as keen as we were to explore this new face in the retail crowd.

I was overwhelmed both at the immense range of items found in the shop as well as the frankly ridiculously low prices.  We slowly made our way around the store trying to comprehend what type of shop this was.  A shop that seemed to sell everything from sweets through toys and games through knick-knacks through toothbrushes through candles through magic sets through art materials through bicycle horns through stationery through kitchenware through clocks.  Pretty much anything you could think of was there – and all at amazingly low prices!

On our first visit I was too stunned by the vast, tidy and well-lit stock to make a purchase.  Alan managed to buy a harmonica for just £2 and a set of eight chopsticks for just £1.

We left the shop both agreeing that this was one of the best shops that we had ever been into.

We returned again this lunchtime.  This time I was ready to buy and walked in with a crisp £10 note at the ready.  After much mooching around the stock I ended up purchasing the clock below, as well as a tea infuser and some candles for Sarah, some notepads for Rebekah, a Hawaiian garland for Holly and a pink bouncy ball for Emily.  This bagful of goodies took all of my £10.  I could easily have spent £50 in there!

Alan picked up some playing cards and a CD/DVD holder.

Standing Clock - Copyright Tiger Retail Limited

We returned to the office enthusing about our purchases and urging our fellow colleagues to investigate this new shop.

Tiger currently have 12 stores in the United Kingdom and plan to open more over the coming months.

In these difficult financial times I wish them every success.  They seem to have an excellent and truly unique range of products at amazing prices and have the footfall coming through the door which suggests longevity.  I think Tiger are a great asset to Woking and hope they’ll remain a fixture there for many years to come.

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