Dodging the showers at Hurley – 11th September 2011

It’s been just over a year since we last went over to Hurley.

This afternoon, once the Grand Prix was over, we headed off there again.  The clouds looked somewhat threatening even before we had arrived and once we had parked in the car park we gazed up at the sky apprehensively.

We made our way over the bridge and on to the island in increasingly gloomy conditions.

Looking down from the bridge

Heading towards Hurley lock

There were a couple of boats in the lock and the girls were keen to wait for them to leave the lock before continuing.

The girls by the lock

Hurley island now boasts a number of tables with a BBQ attachment in the middle.  This consists of a simple metal frame atop which you can place your disposable BBQ.  It wasn’t something for today, but perhaps we’ll be more organised next summer.

High-tech picnic table with BBQ contraption

We walked down to the water’s edge on the far side of the island and Emily enjoyed seeing some ‘quack-quacks’ whilst we were there.

Down by the river

Riverside reflections

There were a couple of light showers while we were on the river bank prompting us to retreat into relative dryness under the trees before we retraced our steps to the lock.

We managed to find a gap in the rain while we ordered our refreshments from the small kiosk and selected, although onlookers on the island would have witnessed the ungainly sight of me attempting to break into a jog while carrying a tray of drinks shortly after sitting down at a table as the rain began again!

The menu offered at Hurley lock

A few moments at the table before the rain set in



We ended up drinking our drinks standing up under a tree, all something of a contrast to the scene last time we were there!

Taking shelter

With the weather showing few signs of improving we took advantage of the next break in the rain to head back to the car and home.

Young moorhen?

Hopefully we’ll manage to get back to Hurley again before another twelve months have elapsed!

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