A visit to Cliveden – 1st October 2011

On what turned out to be the hottest October day on record, we decided to head up to Cliveden House for the afternoon.

We had come prepared with a picnic lunch and the girls were also keen to revisit the maze which we had last been to back in April.

First of all we set out on Cliveden’s ‘Autumn leaf trail’.  This leads from the car-park through the trees and back via the front of the house.

Map of the Leaf Trail

We didn’t get too far along the path before deciding to stop for our picnic lunch in a sunny spot in among the trees.

Enjoying an October picnic

We had dressed in shorts for the day and it felt somewhat strange picnicking outside in October – particularly when I noticed what was next to us!

Holly, Rebekah and a holly


It seems hard to believe that in only a few short weeks we might be back into the depths of another snowy winter!

After enjoying our picnic lunch, we continued along the path, stopping occasionally to take photos.  There were few signs of the trees turning as yet although we did find a few colourful ones.

Walking in the sunshine

An autumnal tree

More autumn colours

A bench with a view

Another tree changing colour

Well-laden holly tree

Looking at the fountain

Once we’d finished the planned walk, we went to the maze.

Holly with one of the 'penguins'!

We had only once been once before when it had seemed fairly easy.  Now, on a hot day, with small children in tow, it proved anything but!

We split up and I went in with Rebekah while Sarah took Holly and Emily.  Amazingly, Rebekah and I reached the middle first and ended up waiting for a good five minutes before the others joined us.

The stone at the centre of the maze

On the way out, I took Holly and Emily.  Sarah headed off with Rebekah while I battled on between endless duplicate rows of yew hedging.  After wandering aimlessly for a good five minutes we stopped in a dead-end for a welcome rest.  As much as anything else, it was a good chance to put Emily, who isn’t getting any lighter, down .

After a few minutes rest, we resumed our attempt to leave the maze and eventually found our way to the entrance and the others who were reclining on a bench outside!

We had a look around the Water Garden in the sunshine before heading for an ice-cream.

Autumn colours in the Water Garden

Red leaves



The lake in the Water Garden

Sarah joined a queue of some thirty people who all seemed to be buying ice-creams – incredible for the 1st October.  Unsurprisingly stocks were running low, although they fortunately had plenty of Magnums!

The end of a queue for ice creams

Emily enjoying a Twister

Holly and Rebekah

Once the ice-creams had been safely consumed we ended up at the shop before heading home.

Having paused only in Cookham to water the vegetable plot, the girls decided they would like to eat at Wimpy, so we made our way over to Marlow.

The Thames at Marlow

Fortunately, given the heat of the day, we were able to eat outside in the courtyard at the back of Wimpy.  It was a good ending to a great day in the sunshine.

Chocolate milkshake at Wimpy

Dinner is served!

Marlow weir

On our way back to the car, Holly managed to pop her balloon from Wimpy meaning that I was left to go back to the restaurant for a replacement!

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