An afternoon at the fair – 16th October 2011

The advertising signs had been up for some days around the Maidenhead area and this afternoon we finally made it back to Carters Steam Fair who were here for their annual weekend in Holyport.

It was our first visit to the fair since they were in Maidenhead back in May and the girls were very excited to be going back.

Sarah had won a competition on Carters Facebook page to win ten free ride tickets and had prompted me to pose outside beside one of the signs:

Inspired by our success we hastened first to the Arcade to retrieve our hard-won prize before heading to our first ride – the Dodgems.

Unfortunately, following the demise of my 5D, I was without a camera for the afternoon although I was able to make some use of Rebekah’s Fuji Finepix J10.

This was Holly’s first time on the dodgems and she accompanied Sarah while Rebekah and I guarded the sleeping Emily.

Sarah and Holly on the Dodgems

Unexpected repairs mid-session

Surprisingly, Holly wasn’t the biggest fan, although her impressions may have been tarnished slightly by being hit head-on in the car.  She’s not keen to go back on next time.

Rebekah and I occupied the same car as the others.  Unfortunately it seemed somewhat beset with technical difficulties and needed impromptu repairs on both rides.

Finding some free space with Rebekah

A face of determination

The girls decided to go on the helter-skelter next and again, it was Holly’s first time unaccompanied.

Holly after the helter-skelter

Afterwards, once Emily had woken up, she went on a slow driving ride with Holly.  It’s probably fair to say that Emily enjoyed it more.

Emily shortly after waking up, with Holly behind

Rebekah found a much faster ride to go on before joining Holly on one of the rope swings.

The photo doesn’t do the speed of Rebekah’s ride justice

Rebekah and Holly on a rope swing

Next, it was the turn of the carousel after which Holly took Emily on the Marlow Donkey train ride.

Holly and Rebekah on the carousel

Holly and Emily on the Marlow Donkey

Rebekah finished up with a slightly more exciting ride before we adjourned to the sellers of candyfloss and hot doughnuts and headed home.

Once again, Carters Steam Fair hadn’t disappointed.  They’re due back in Maidenhead in May 2012 and we’ll certainly be among those attending.

Farewell to the fair

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