An afternoon at Cliveden – 24th October 2011

I took the day off for the first day of half-term and, with a sunny afternoon ahead of us, we decided to drive up to Cliveden.

Mum was able to join us and Rebekah and Holly decided to go up in her car for the short journey across from Cookham.

Despite the cars parked on the grass near the main entrance, we were able to press on and found spaces fairly easily in the main car-park.

From there we walked up to the house along the main drive.

Trees beside the main drive

Walking towards Cliveden House

Eye-catching colour

A curtain of red

Red and yellow

Before reaching the house, we stopped off to visit the Secret Garden.

A final burst of colour

More autumn colour in the Secret Garden

All the family

A carpet of purple

Late blooms


The girls were keen to walk down to the statue at the end of the Parterre and we walked down the main steps and out onto the lawn.

Pots on the back terrace

An autumn leaf on one of the outside tables

Before we went to the play area, there was time to stop in the restaurant for some light sustenance.

A small snack

As we walked through the Water Garden, managing to bypass the maze, I spotted a heron fishing in the lake and managed to get a couple of shots before catching up with the others in the play area.

Autumn colour in the Water Garden

A heron watching and waiting

Four girls

The heron was still there on the way back and managed to catch a fish while we were watching it.

Successful fishing!

Our visit finished with the ubiquitous trip to the shop before we headed homewards.

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