Christmas Day – 25th December 2011

After the virtual non-event of Christmas last year when we more-or-less went through on automatic pilot following the recent passing of my Grandmother and with Dad so unwell, we were determined to try and enjoy ourselves this year.

Three excited girls on Christmas Eve

Fortunately, although we were woken by Emily at about 6.45am, the girls didn’t appear until 7.15am as per our agreement above.

They were pleased to see that Father Christmas had been and had taken the time to reply to their note for him, left last night and enjoyed opening their stockings before breakfast.

Christmas tree and stockings!

Excitement of stockings!

Sarah helping Emily open her stocking

Holly with her new Zoo Ball and scarf

Emily is keen to investigate her chocolate

Rebekah, with her new scarf, reading the reply from Father Christmas

Once breakfast was out of the way, they were able to open some of the presents from us before Sarah took them around to see her parents after dropping me off at church.

Present opening underway!

Holly with her new Princess blanket

Emily with her Baby Annabell

Enjoying a cuddle

Rebekah with her Moon Sand

Holly with her new Barbie

Rebekah with her new apron

Emily showing advanced childcare skills!

It was good to be able to have Mum to Christmas Day lunch.  Last year, she had tried to maintain some kind of normality on what turned out to be Dad’s final day at home with her and had found things very tough.

Sarah cooked a fantastic Christmas dinner which began with our normal starter of melon and kiwi fruit.  This was followed by our usual turkey complete with all the trimmings and including Yorkshire puddings.  For dessert we enjoyed a choice of Christmas or hot chocolate pudding.

Holly enjoying her starter

Christmas dinner

Candles on the dinner table

After lunch, the girls opened their presents from Mum and we enjoyed a short walk.

Later, we went round to my sister’s for tea.  In many ways it was strange being there for tea at Christmas without Dad and Grandma, but it was another ‘first’ that had to be got through and the children playing with their cousins made things easier.

The Christmas tea table

Mum, surrounded by Grandchildren, opening her Christmas card from Ben Forde


Christmas tree lights

Overall, I’ll look back with fondness on Christmas 2011.  We have much to be thankful for.  The passing of time eases the pain of the loss of loved-ones.  They may be gone, but they are never forgotten.


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3 thoughts on “Christmas Day – 25th December 2011

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  2. I loved looking at your pictures throughout the year and especially the Christmas ones – I notice Mum is holding the phone to her ear as she speaks to me while opening Ben Forde’s card!! I well recall her excited response! I love the girls’ matching PJ’s, and their happy faces! The last picture, showing your dear Dad, never forgotten amid the necessity of carrying on without him, is very poignant and a lovely reminder.

    • Thanks Auntie Eileen

      We had a good Christmas overall – and yes that was when Mum was speaking to you on the phone.

      The girls enjoyed all the fun and presents and I’m sure Mum enjoyed it more than last year.

      I just wanted to get one with Dad in – just to show, as you say, that he wasn’t forgotten!

      Hope you had a great Christmas with your ever-expanding family!

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