A walk at Hambledon – 2nd January 2011

With both Rebekah and Holly somewhat under-the-weather currently, we abandoned possible plans to go down to Bournemouth for the day and instead enjoyed a walk at Hambledon.

The girls didn’t recall ever having been there and it’s certainly been a while since I had been there too.

After a lazy morning, we arrived at the car-park in Hambledon at around 12pm and managed to shoehorn the car into the only space available.

We walked down the road to the weir and across it to Hambledon Lock before retracing our steps after walking along beside the river towards Henley for a short way.

We all enjoyed getting out and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Hopefully we’ll get down to Bournemouth in the next few weeks.

Swans on the Thames at Hambledon

Hambledon Mill

The sluice gates on the weir

Looking back to the mill

Looking across the weir

Hambledon lock with repairs being carried out

Hambledon lock

The roof of the old mill

Looking over the fields on the way back to the car-park

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