Early work on the Veg Plot – 28th January 2012

We popped over to Mum’s house this morning and while we were there, Rebekah and I took the opportunity to do some preparatory work on the vegetable plot for the season ahead.

Following our ‘clearing up‘ last year, we had left five tomato plants still in situ as they had still been flowering and bearing fruit late into the autumn.  Today we removed these and did some cursory hoeing of some of the early weeds.

Rebekah about to remove the old tomatoes

There will be much work to do over the coming months, including digging out the remaining corner which still remains as grass.

The rhubarb is just beginning to show itself again after the winter and it was good to get outside and working in the garden again.

At least we begin this year with things in a better state than last year!

The cleared plot ready for the year ahead

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3 thoughts on “Early work on the Veg Plot – 28th January 2012

    • You can’t go too far wrong with things like runner beans, carrots and tomatoes. Watch out for slugs though. We tried planting some sunflowers along the edge of the plot last year and they all got eaten as soon as they came up!

      How big is your plot?

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