Meal at The Farmers Boy – 28th January 2012

We went out with Sarah’s parents to the recently refurbished Farmers Boy, which has recently reopened as a Greene King Meet and Eat Pub, in celebration of her Mum’s 60th birthday.

Sarah's Mum with Emily

The Farmers Boy consists of tables set out around a central bar area.  The pub was quite busy, being a Saturday night, and some of the language eminating from the bar area was a little ‘choice’ – particularly for young ears!

Emily trying to take Holly's necklace

The food on offer is typical ‘pub’ fare with a range including burgers, fish and chips and lasagne etc.

Sarah opted for a burger, while I selected the bangers and mash.

Bangers and mash

The food arrived after a few minutes and was actually pretty tasty – albeit being served on cold plates!

We opted to have dessert and I chose the chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream.

Time for pudding!

Perhaps the best moment of the evening was the reply from the waiter below to a question asking him for a teaspoon for Emily.

Overall, despite the food being tasty, I wouldn’t say it’s the best setting – particularly with children.  The close proximity of the bar means that wherever you sit in the pub, it’s likely to be fairly noisy.

I’m not sure that I’ll be rushing to return.

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3 thoughts on “Meal at The Farmers Boy – 28th January 2012

    • I don’t remember ever having gone there to eat before.

      It’s not that bad really, but I think if I was going with the kids somewhere, I’d rather somewhere like Toby’s where the bar area is a bit more separated.

      You and your G&T would be fine though…. 😉

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