Belated arrival of winter – 5 February 2012

Throughout the winter we have been plagued with the question ‘When will it snow?’ – today we found out the answer.

Snow on the hawthorn

Most of the roads were clear of snow

Some 8cm fell during the night, leaving the ground, this morning, covered with a carpet of white.  Needless to say, the girls were up much earlier than on a normal Sunday and were dressed in record time, eager to get out of the house.

8cm of snow

With the temperature already above freezing, speed did appear to be of the essence and we hastened outside with the trees already dripping with melting snow.

Holly making a snow angel

The girls enjoyed being pulled around on their sledge while I was commissioned to build a snowman!

Sarah and Emily

Emily unsure what to make of the snow

Rebekah and Holly

The snow was of a perfect consistency for snowman construction and we managed to build something somewhat taller and wider than last year’s effort.

Rebekah with Frosty

Frosty with Holly

Later, the girls met up with their friend Nathan at church and were able to have a ride on a bigger sledge.

Holly, Nathan and Rebekah

After lunch, Rebekah and I went over to Mum’s to clear some of the snow from her driveway and see how the vegetable plot was coping with the inclement weather.

The magnolia and crocuses in the snow

The back garden

End view of the vegetable patch

The gooseberry offers the only sign of life in the patch

Rebekah’s snow chair

The cold weather looks set to persist for at least the rest of the week.

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