February Walk to Cookham Dean – 19th February 2012

On a sunny but chilly Sunday afternoon, Rebekah and I completed the second of our monthly walks to Cookham Dean and back.

Dead cedar tree silhouetted against the sky

Rebekah taking a shot

It's been a while since this gate was last used

Sunlit fence

We reached Cookham Dean churchyard and paused as usual for Rebekah’s photo on the bench.

Rebekah in Cookham Dean churchyard

We had a look to see how the snowdrops were coming on and Rebekah had a close look at the wellingtonia in the churchyard.


Rebekah with the wellingtonia

While we were in the churchyard I spotted these daffodils which had been left on an old grave, presumably intentionally.  I found them somewhat poignant.

Daffodils on a gravestone

As we headed back down the road, we were passed by a horse and trap.  Given the fact that I was using my 200mm lens, this was about the best I could manage!

Horse and trap in Cookham Dean

We continued down the hill, passing the old Cookham Dean cricket pitch and The Sanctum on the Green.

The view from the top of the hill looked fantastic in the sunshine and we met Mum walking up to meet us.

Looking down to Cookham Rise

Mum and Rebekah

It had been a good walk.  Hopefully the two coldest ones of 2012 are now out of the way and we can look forward to something warmer in March!

Daffodils at Mum's house

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