New planting in the Veg Plot – 19th May 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve added a specific post about the vegetable plot.

So far this year it’s been something of a mixed picture.  Early in the season the rhubarb was unexpectedly growing out of control.  It culminated in almost coming into flower.  Following investigations, it seems that rhubarb shouldn’t be allowed to flower and should be cut down.  It now seems to be growing new leaves again.

We also have potatoes growing up after being planted by Rebekah back in April as well as the runner beans planted earlier this month.  Unfortunately the runner beans seem to be being enjoyed by the resident slug and snail community.

Finally, the raspberry canes have yet to spark into life and may need to be replaced.

Today we planted around 10 pea plants at the top of the vegetable plot – between the rhubarb and the goosberry bush.  Hopefully they’ll be successful.

View from the end of the veg plot with potatoes on the left and runner beans on the right

New pea plants with gooseberry bush on bottom right

Raspberry canes and gooseberry at the front

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