Maidenhead Duck Derby – 20th May 2012

We didn’t make it along to the Maidenhead Duck Derby last year, but decided to don our winter coats and brave the chilly afternoon for the visit to Ray Mill Island.

There were the usual stalls set out on the island along with the Lions Club train, which the girls enjoyed riding on.

Sarah, Emily and Holly on the train

We also spotted Brian and Judith on the island, who had come to investigate the festivities.

Judith and Brian watching the train go by

After the train ride, Holly decided to get her face painted.


The finished butterfly

Emily had a ride on a duck.


We wandered around the rest of the stalls, but, with over an hour to wait until the start of the actual Duck Derby race, we decided to head home for a welcome hot drink, pausing only to watch the performing Morris Dancers as we left the island.

A violin accompaniment to the Morris Dancers

Arms aloft

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