Flooding on the Thames – 28th December 2012

A wet autumn and subsequent wet December had led to flooding on the Thames.

With Sarah and Holly not well (this time!), I took Rebekah and Emily over to Cookham to see the flooding near Cookham Moor.

We parked the car near the shops and walked down through the Pound to reach the Moor.


Signs of the floods ahead


Road closed

Recently, the Causeway which had been used without problems for over eighty years, was deemed to be a risk in that pedestrians could be hit by cars – despite there being no recorded occurrences of this happening – and was closed to traffic in 2010.

Although this makes things safer for passers-by, it does bring a risk that if heavy flooding occurs, Cookham Village could become cut-off.

With the roads closed, we made our way along the Causeway, from where we were able to look down on the flooding.


The closed-off Causeway


Looking along the Causeway with the main road to the left.


Looking down at the main road


Looking down into the flooded National Trust car park


Looking towards Cookham Village


Rebekah and Emily

We made our way back to the car and drove to Mum’s house, before giving her a lift over to Marlow to investigate the flooding situation there.

We parked in the Pound Lane car park and walked down towards the river.  We found ourselves unable to get too close due to the Thames over-spilling into Higginson Park.  The water was significantly higher than the last time we were in Marlow.


First view of the flooded Thames at Marlow


Looking towards Marlow Bridge


People wading in the floods


Not a good day for sitting by the river


Confused swans swimming in the park


Rebekah with Mum (Emily was on my shoulders!)

With the December light already beginning to fade, we made our way back to the car and then home.

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