Belated Birthday Chinese – 27th February 2013

What with one thing or another, we never managed to get out for my traditional birthday Chinese in the run-up to Christmas.

Thankfully, a few of us were able to meet up at the end of February – ironically on Alan’s birthday – to enjoy a hearty meal at The Jasmine in Maidenhead.

We were pleased to see Steve and Suz again, for the first time since their wedding back in November and it was good to have Alan and Jennifer with us. Sadly Jon was unwell, but fortunately Becky still came out.

We had the traditional three course meal at the Jasmine, with a variety of starters, followed by duck and pancakes and finished off with a selection of dishes to accompany the egg-fried rice.

As we arrived in good time, I mentioned to the staff that it was Alan’s birthday and in due course the lights were dimmed and ‘Happy Birthday’ was played over the speakers while we all sang along.  Alan’s gift was ice cream with a burning candle.

The meal concluded with orange segments and Alan being his usual self.


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