March walk to Cookham Dean – 31st March 2013

As March prepared to turn into April, we found just found time to complete our Monthly Walk to Cookham Dean.

This time, the rest of the family decided to join Rebekah and me and we duly made our way up the hill on a chilly Easter Sunday afternoon.

We were surprised to spot that the long-standing cedar tree, despite having been dead for some time, had sadly fallen since our last walk.

This tree was known in our family as the ‘second tree’, when I was growing up.  The ‘first tree’ was located next to the barn now hidden by trees at the left of this shot and came down in the 1987 storm.  The two trees became markers for walks – ‘Let’s just walk up to the first tree.’ etc.  Now both have gone.

In Cookham Dean, work is continuing on the new vestry at the church and there are finally a few signs of spring, although the trees are as yet still remaining resolutely closed down for winter.

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