Uncle Den’s 90th birthday party – 5 October 2013

Some twenty-three friends and family gathered at Heather and Martin’s house to help celebrate Uncle Den reaching ninety.

We were delighted that Auntie Myrtle was also able to join the party.  She was pushed around from the nearby St Marks Nursing Home by Uncle Noel and we managed to get her wheelchair in to the lounge through the French windows.

The party had been arranged by Gillian and Raph who arrived down from Nottingham with Ruebyn, having collected Hugh en route.

Other guests included Derek and Marilyn from the Isle of Man, along with their daughter Rebecca.  Unfortunately, Marilyn’s mother, Auntie Doreen, was unable to make it as she had been unwell.  Long-term friend of Auntie Myrtle, Elaine, was also able to join the party and Adrian, Julie and Anastasia arrived after already attending a wedding on the same day!

With the weather looking a little unpredictable, we’d taken the liberty of borrowing a marquee from Parkside and this was used by those guests who preferred to eat outside on what turned out to be a warm afternoon.

After spending around an hour or so chatting, we moved on with the food.

As guest of honour, Uncle Den led the attack, armed with his Royal Air Force Club plate.

After the feast had been completed I was able to give a short speech, before Uncle Den came up to cut the impressive cake. Afterwards, Raph brought in sparklers in the shape of a 90.

Later, Gillian presented her dad with his final present – a photo album of his ninety years entitled ‘Ninety Amazing Years of Amazing You’.

It had been a brilliant afternoon and was a fitting celebration for a much-loved man.


Below are some photos from the day.  Click on one to scroll through them all.

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