Crash! Boom! Bang! – 6th November 2010

As last year, we wrapped ourselves up in coats, scarves and hats, and headed over to Cookham to enjoy the annual display fireworks.

The display is organised by Cookham Scouts and there is a real ‘village’ feeling about the whole setup.

We drove down Mill Lane into the field that doubles for the evening as a car-park, had our tickets checked and were free to enter. Drinks, consisting of everything from tea and coffee to mulled wine, were served in various marquees by local volunteers using Burcos set up on old trestle tables. Another marquee offered sweets, as well as glow-sticks for the children.

Crowds in front of the marquees

The event takes place in a large field with a huge bonfire as the centrepiece and after we had enjoyed our hot beverages, it was time to adjourn there.

Flaming torches were lit and carried over the field before being thrust into the giant pyre of branches. Within minutes it had turned into a towering inferno and we were forced back by the heat produced. The huge blaze lit up the field and the faces of the wrapped-up masses glowed brightly in the autumnal chill.

The Towering Inferno

As the fire began to burn down, attention turned to the far side of the ground where a fenced off area had been prepared.  With the starter of hot chocolate and the bonfire consumed, it was time for the main course of fireworks!

We weren’t disappointed.  The fireworks began with a small shower of sparks sent up some six feet into the air before progressing into a pyrotechnic extravaganza.  Shells of differing colours and styles were projected aloft accompanied both with explosions and the sound of ‘oohs’ and ‘arrs’ from the enthralled crowd of onlookers.

After fifteen minutes it was all over.  But what a fifteen minutes it was!  Sufficient variety of illuminations to keep the even the most ardent fan of fireworks happy and well worth the entry fee of five pounds.

A few of the excellent fireworks

When it was over we trooped back across the damp turf through air made smoky by both the fireworks and the bonfire, to the car.

Following the usual bottleneck to be found in forcing large numbers of cars along a narrow lane, we returned home, stopping only to collect chips from the local Chippy, and enjoy chip butties by the fire before bed.

Once again a night to remember!

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