Farewell to Zoe – 8th November 2010

We joined around 200 people today, who gathered at The Pastures Church in High Wycombe to bid an emotional farewell to our friend Zoe at the age of 33.

Zoe passed away a couple of weeks ago and the service was convened at this large church in order to cope with the expected number of people wishing to pay their respects.  We arrived in plenty of time and the church quickly filled up, with extra chairs having to be set up at the rear of the hall.

The service began with the singing of ‘Amazing Grace’, one of Zoe’s favourite hymns and one that she used to sing as a lullaby to her two boys each night before bed.  Emotionally, this set the scene for the rest of the service.

Prayer was followed by a reading from 1 Corinthians 13, the chapter dedicated to love, and it was brought out how Zoe had displayed this love both in the way she lived her life and to all that she met.

Several members of the family gave warm and touching tributes before the second hymn, ‘In Christ Alone’, was sung.

Nabil then gave his own eloquent, personal and at times tearful, eulogy to his wife.  He brought out repeatedly her strong faith in her Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ and the way that she had lived her life for Him – a theme also picked up on by the other tributes.  He also spoke of her love for their children and family and something of her bubbly personality.

The main message was taken by the Pastor of Zoe and Nabil’s church.  He spoke from Revelation 14, again emphasising Zoe’s personal Christian faith and urging the congregation to live their lives as she did.

The service ended with the final hymn, ‘Like a River Glorious’ and prayer.

It was a challenging service to go to, both emotionally and spiritually.  Zoe will not be forgotten.  Hearing about her life and legacy leaves me with two thoughts:

  1. A personal challenge to me as to how I live out my own Christian life on a day by day basis.
  2. A realisation that none of us know how long we will be here on Earth for and the need to love life and cherish every moment that we have of it.

Nabil and the boys have a long and painful road ahead of them but Zoe’s vibrant and happy life combined with her strong faith has given them a solid foundation and they will go forward with God’s help every step of the way.

Zoe has not ‘gone’, she has merely ‘gone ahead’.

Goodbye Zoe, we’ll see you again one day x

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One thought on “Farewell to Zoe – 8th November 2010

  1. Have just sadly found a request from Zoe asking to be my friend on facebook. We are away at the moment and have only just found it. How sad. She was a great person and we would have been at her funeral, but the only connection was that we were in her beloved South Africa when she went to be with the Lord. We remember Nabil in our prayers, but miss praying for Zoe

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