A new beginning – 26 March 2011

Last summer was pretty much written off as far as our vegetable plot was concerned.  This was mainly due to the arrival of Emily, back in July, as well as the increasing ill-health of Dad.

This year we’re determined to do better and this morning I made the first inroads into remarking out the border in Mum’s garden.  As you can see, it had become somewhat neglected since last year and there is much to do to make it usable.

First digging of 2011!

The plot itself is around twenty feet by ten feet and will be in dappled shade (from a silver birch) for most of the summer.

We already have plants growing in pots on the kitchen window-sill and my intention is to blog our progress to at least encourage us to make the initial effort worthwhile.

All the usual suspects will be there including carrots, runner beans and tomatoes.  We also have some sunflowers to go in, as well as a gooseberry bush and rhubarb (which is hiding among the grass of 2010).

Watch this space for more exciting developments…

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4 thoughts on “A new beginning – 26 March 2011

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