Lost and Found – 30th March 2011

The photos below were taken during the summer of 2006. For a long time I thought they were missing but eventually found them, albeit not the full-size images, where I was least expecting to on a different laptop!

It all seems such a long time ago now, photos of Dad when he was healthy taken in my Grandma’s garden…life can change very quickly.

I’m glad they turned up.

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2 thoughts on “Lost and Found – 30th March 2011

  1. Lovely photos! The tremendously well-kept garden reminds me greatly of my own ‘Sheffield’ grandparents (paternal) who died a couple of years ago. They took great pride in their garden, and even towards the later years when they became unable to manage it entirely on their own, my arthritis-ridden grandmother used to point out weeds! The photo simply captioned ‘Dad’ is a truly beautiful memory of him – his trademark smile prominent in many of the photos I’ve seen of him.

    So pleased that you’ve found them! Must have been a lovely surprise!

    • Thanks for the comment, Andrew. Grandma used to have someone in to help with the garden etc in later years too.

      I felt something of a mixture of emotions at finding them again – glad that I’d found them and that it reminded me of a happy summer afternoon, but also obviously tinged with sadness with the recent passing of both Dad and Grandma.

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