Enjoying the sunshine – 1st May 2011

It’s been a busy weekend.  With the extra day off and all the excitement of the Royal Wedding, it was good to have Saturday to relax a little.

Each month so far this year I’ve been on the same walk between Cookham Rise and Cookham Dean with Rebekah.  The entire walk is only a couple of miles long but is a route that I’ve walked all my life, particularly when growing up in Cookham, so I carry a unique affection for it.

Scenic track up to Cookham Dean

Already this year we’ve walked in bitter cold, through rain and in the early spring sunshine of March.  Given that it was the final day of April yesterday, it was now or never to complete the walk.

It's been a while since this gate was last opened!

We walked the entire route on Saturday morning, bathed in glorious sunshine.  The path passes through the delightful Cookham Dean churchyard and we normally stop there for a short rest on a bench. 

Cookham Dean churchyard

This time, while we were in the churchyard, the church door opened and the organist, David Colthup, emerged.  I recognised him immediately as he had played at Dad’s funeral, back in February.  He remembered us as well, and kindly gave us a tour of the organ in Cookham Dean Church which Dad had played many years ago during an open day.

He also allowed Rebekah to play a few tentative notes on the 79-year-old instrument which had been fully restored in 1996.  She enjoyed seeing the effects that adjusting the different organ stops had on the music that was produced.

Rebekah with organist David Colthup at Cookham Dean Church

With a wedding happening at the church within the next hour or so, we politely made our escape after thanking David very much for his time. 

We noticed while walking across the fields how dry the ground is currently and in many places the consistency of the soil is almost akin to sand!

Rebekah kicking up the dust in the parched soil

Later in the day we enjoyed an excellent Chinese meal at the Jasmine Peking Chinese restaurant.

Our starter at the Jasmine

On Sunday afternoon we went over to Cliveden again and enjoyed a walk around the grounds, including a first visit to the spectacular chapel which was designed in 1735.

Holly and Rebekah

Enjoying a sit down at Cliveden

Looking across from Cliveden to Cookham Dean

Afterwards there was time for some more digging in the vegetable plot.  We have several more seeds to plant in there in the next few days.

Overall a fun and busy weekend with the family.

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