The Royal Wedding – #rw2011 – 29 April 2011

With three young children, travelling up to London to witness the wedding was never really going to be a viable option but I was pleased to hear yesterday evening, that @AndrewBurdett1, one of my friends on Twitter, had made the trip up there and was setting up camp outside Westminster Abbey.  It was good to have a ‘reporter’ in the crowd to supply live updates.  You can read his excellent account of the wedding here.

Emily getting into the wedding spirit

Holly was very excited by the wedding and last night had described it as being ‘more exciting than Christmas!’.  Not surprisingly we were all up fairly early and the television was on by 7am.  Holly decided to dress in her blue Cinderella dress for the occasion!

An excited Holly!

Holly and Rebekah

Once breakfast was out-of-the-way we had a tidy up and vacuum to make ready for Mum and my sister’s family who were all coming around to watch the wedding.  I put up bunting, both in the lounge and outside the front door and we also had Union Flags to wave.

Time to get BREAKFASTED, put up the BUNTING and unfurl the FLAGS. Enjoy #rw2011, I intend to.

— Phil Bray (@PhilBray) April 29, 2011

Wedding bunting outside our house

Everyone had arrived by 10.30 and we settled down to watch the wedding.  I also kept an eye on Twitter during the service.  I clearly wasn’t alone given that a number of friends were also clearly busy tweeting making this the first interactive royal wedding.

What an atmosphere! Tremendous cheering accompanying the bell-ringers. Fantastic! #rw2011

— Andrew Burdett (@AndrewBurdett1) April 29, 2011

We all enjoyed watching the service and waving our flags patriotically at various points, although the girls were getting a little bored towards the end.  We commented that Grandma and Dad would have enjoyed it too.

Excitement reaches fever pitch!

Catherine looked wonderful and both her and Prince William seemed very relaxed.  Catherine’s father seemed to show the most emotion as he walked his daughter down the long aisle and it made me think about doing the same in the future – although probably not in the same venue!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerge from Westminster Abbey

Once the happy couple had travelled back to Buckingham Palace we brought out a smorgasbord of food that Sarah had prepared and tucked in while we were waiting for the balcony appearance.  We even pushed the boat out by opening a bottle of champagne that I had received as a present several years ago!  If you can’t drink champagne to celebrate a royal wedding then when can you drink it?

A veritable smorgasbord

Finally the happy couple emerged and two kisses and six planes later it was all over.

It had been a great day and we enjoyed having the family around to share such a happy occasion with us.  The event was made the more poignant given the contrast with the last time that we were all together.

Later in the afternoon we popped into Maidenhead and I took a few photos of the flags inside the Nicholson’s Centre.  It was good to see that they had made an effort as well – even if two of their flags were the wrong way round!

Union Flags in Maidenhead

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