Carters Steam Fair – 7th May 2011

This afternoon we made our annual visit to Carters Steam Fair on their visit to Pinkneys Green.

The girls had been looking forward to it ever since the first of the famous Steam Fair signs went up in Maidenhead and this morning they enjoyed watching the parade of steam engines as they travelled through the town. 

Putting up Carters Steam Fair signs

We joined the crowds up at Pinkneys Green and managed to park alongside the cricket pitch before crossing the road and entering the fair.

The girls were keen to go on lots of the old-fashioned rides and started off with the helter-skelter. 

Holly and Sarah



Emily and Rebekah

Emily on the train

Whilst we were there, we spotted Roy Hudd, along with a film crew, who were filming a programme called Fun Fairs – The louder you scream, the more we show.

Roy Hudd

My personal favourites at the fair are always the bumper cars and the famous Carters Wall of Death and I managed to see both of them. 

Me and Rebekah on the bumper cars

The Wall of Death
Skills on display at the Wall of Death

 We finished our visit with customary hot doughnuts before heading home.

Carters Steam Fair market themselves as ‘Britain’s Number One Traditional Family Funfair’ and never seem to disappoint.  The staff are always approachable, helpful and polite and the fair, despite offering what would seem to be entertainment from a bygone age, always manages to pull in the crowds. 


We all enjoyed the afternoon and we’ll certainly be going along when the fair comes to Holyport in the autumn.

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