Vegetable planting – 14th May 2011

What a difference a month makes!  Last time I added a post on here about the vegetable plot, we were in the middle of an April heatwave, I was in shorts and battling through the heat to plant tomatoes and courgettes.

Since then, we’ve had some rain and the weather has cooled down although it now appears to be getting drier and warming up again!

Last weekend I managed to plant some carrot seeds with Rebekah.  She made a small gutter for the seeds to go in and planted one row while I did the same, alongside, with another variety.  As yet, there are no signs of carrots coming through.

Today was a busy day in the vegetable plot.  Firstly I did more digging in the area still covered with grass.  Originally an apple tree grew on the site where the vegetable garden is.  While the stump has long-since been removed, there are still several roots that I regularly find whilst digging and these have to be cleared and dug out as much as possible.

The vegetable plot in all it's glory

 Once the digging was finished, it was time to erect the bean canes and plant the runner beans.  In addition, we also managed to put in some more tomatoes and four cucumber plants.  Hopefully all will have survived the planting, although some are looking a little feeble currently!

Runner beans and tomatoes

In summary, we now have runner beans, tomatoes, courgettes, carrots, cucumbers, rhubarb and a gooseberry bush planted.  There are still some French beans and sunflowers that really need to go in, as well as the final corner of grass clearance to be finished.

Hopefully all the hard work will reap dividends later in the summer and we can sit back in our castle and enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labour.

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