Second BBQ of the year – 21st May 2011

It was always going to be difficult to follow the excitement of yesterday.

After a visit to John Lewis this morning, during which Rebekah bought a Lego Police boat, some brief work and planting on the vegetable plot and the planting of a forsythia in our garden, we decided to make the most of the good weather and have a spontaneous BBQ.

Sarah hastened off to town to pick up the essentials while I was commandeered into helping build the aforementioned Police boat as well as cutting the grass – for only the second time this year!

We invited Sarah’s parents round to partake in such culinary delights as beef burgers, chicken burgers, sausages, Pringles, various salad items and wine.

Being the hard-working chef at these prestigious occasions I didn’t find much time to take photos, although I quite liked this one of Rebekah taking a photo of the food on the BBQ (not sure where she gets that idea from!)

Rebekah in her summer hat

I think the first BBQ of the season passed with such little fanfare that I don’t even have any photos to mark the occasion.

Hopefully the weather will continue to remain ‘BBQ friendly’ during the summer.

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