An engaging day – 20th May 2011

Today will go down as being the day that news gradually leaked out about the engagement of our good friends Alan and Jennifer.

Alan and Jennifer

The first inkling that I had that seemed a little strange was an ‘early doors’ tweet from my friend Becky:

This seemed a little unusual, given that we’re talking about someone who doesn’t even possess a mobile phone and has only relatively recently joined Facebook!

Having checked it out, I found this as Alan’s first tweet:

His second tweet was more confusing, but I put it down to Alan being Alan:

Already the day was extraordinary enough:

It was only going to get more baffling:

A few Direct Messages later and it became clear that something was beginning to develop.  It seems that the news leaked out first on Facebook before I received:

Not having been on Facebook, I jokingly replied:

Alan’s reply was even more cryptic, but interestingly there was no denial:

I jokingly replied before hearing from Sarah that Alan had changed his status on Facebook to being engaged to Jennifer!

For most of the day the story continued to develop, as people began to realise that this actually wasn’t a wind-up:

The afternoon wore on before it seemed that another friend had joined Twitter with the aim of clarifying the truth:

Finally, a seemingly official statement from the ‘Bride to be’:

I asked about the ring and it seemed that all was still work in progress:

Even up to a few hours ago, it still wasn’t certain:

Eventually it seemed to be being verified by several people:

…including Alan:

…although some people are proving harder to convince:

At the end of a day that many had hoped, wished and prayed for I offer them both my warm congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy marriage together.

Great work…eventually!

Update….even Mr Wells is happy now!

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