Staying local – 6th June 2011

Given that Sarah was unwell during the night, it was perhaps a benefit that I was off work for the day – particularly given that the girls were both home for an inset day too.

This meant that I was promoted to preparing breakfast for three hungry girls.  In reality, this simply consisted of supplying bowls of cereals which even my limited culinary skills were capable of achieving!

After the heavy rain overnight, we decided not to venture too far from home.  I spent most of the morning finalising posters for Parkside Christian Fellowship to use at the upcoming Maidenhead Carnival on Saturday before later popping over, with the girls, to inspect our vegetable plot following the welcome rain.

The plot is looking good with the runner-beans already heading skywards and in flower. There is also new growth on the gooseberry bush and even the sunflowers are emerging!

We finished off something of a low-key day off work in McDonalds.  Although we didn’t manage to venture far, it was good to spend some time with the family.

Tomorrow the long weekend is over and it’s back to work with a jolt.  Hopefully Sarah will be fully recovered too.

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