A busy Saturday – 2nd July 2011

Our Saturday began ‘early doors’ as usual with Holly and Emily waking first.

In the morning we had to go over to Booker in High Wycombe to buy supplies for the upcoming BBQ at Parkside Christian Fellowship tomorrow.


It was my first visit to a Booker since I used to take Grandma over when she was in charge of buying the food for Climping Camp, some ten years ago when she was well over 80!  Back then I was just a trolley boy and driver responding to verbal instructions to ‘Get one of those’ and ‘I think we’ll have a couple of those!’  It was always exciting to be buying huge quantities of chocolates and see the amount that she was spending mount up well into three figures!

This time, although I was once again in charge of the trolley, it seemed strange to be there without Grandma and just being back in a Booker again brought back a lot of happy memories of time spent with her.  I still miss her.

Some of the sweets in Booker, High Wycombe

Although they’re ideal when buying large quantities of food, we found Booker were more expensive than Sainsbury’s and ended up having to go there as well in order to pick up various drinks and rolls that we were unable to get hold of in Booker.

Eventually we were able to deliver the food to Parkside and spend a short time at the Coffee in the Park there, which was also on this morning, before heading home for lunch.

During the afternoon we had a brief trip around the corner to St Luke’s Church where their summer fair was in full swing in the vicarage garden.  We were only there for a short time, but it was good to see Andrew Burdett again, striding around with microphone in hand, providing a constant stream of commentary in his own inimitable style.

Andrew Burdett at the helm of the St Luke's Church fair

Later, having seen the Ladies Final at Wimbledon, we were out again shopping and buying sausage and chips for dinner.

Finally, a fleeting visit to water the vegetable plot where things seem to be going from strength to strength.  The beans are approaching the top of the canes, while the tomatoes and courgettes are all in flower and the rhubarb continues to run riot.

At the end of a busy day, like many others, I listened to the David Haye v Wladimir Klitschko boxing fight making my own observations.

Next Saturday we’re likely to be out for the day as Rebekah’s and Emily’s birthdays draw closer.

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