Holly’s Sports Day – 13th July 2011

Sports Day is a somewhat grand title although the children at Holly’s Nursery clearly seemed to enjoy themselves during the proceedings.

I had instructions that I had to attend and thus found myself on a Wednesday morning sitting in the front row of chairs reserved for parents and grandparents awaiting the arrival of a large number of small children.

There were four ‘events’ in the Sports Day.  These were The Balance, The Hoop, The Sprint and The Zigzag.  All of the children were split into groups of around 6 and took on one event at a time.

Holly psyching herself up for the events ahead

Holly’s first event was The Sprint.  This involved running for around 8 metres, circling a cone and running back to the start.

Holly heading back on The Sprint

The second event on Holly’s schedule was The Balance.  The Balance involved nimble manual dexterity and required the conveying of a tennis racquet topped with a flat object resembling a pancake.  Again, this was taken along the same 8 metre route and back.

Setting off on The Balance

Holly’s third event was The Hoop.  In many ways, The Hoop was similar to The Sprint, the only difference being that at the halfway point each contender had to lift a large hoop over themselves before running back to the start.

Holly oblivious to the excitement behind

Engaged in The Hoop

The final event, unsurprisingly, was The Zigzag.  This demanding finale involved running again but this time with the extra hazard of navigating around cones on both the outward and return legs.

The Zigzag underway

As far as I could tell there were no overall winners in the programme which lasted around 10 minutes in total.  Following the completion, every child was presented with a certificate.

Holly being presented with her certificate

Studying her certificate

Showing off her certificate, albeit upside-down!

It was an entertaining, if a little short, glimpse of the sporting prowess of those involved and Holly seemed to enjoy herself as much as the proud onlookers admiring their respective children did.

Emily enjoying watching the Sports Day

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