Rebekah’s 7th Birthday – 15th July 2011

Today Rebekah reached the age of 7 years old.

Happy 7th Birthday

Being a school day, her celebrations were somewhat curtailed.  We had been out last weekend to celebrate, so today was marked with just the family.

Birthday balloons

Rebekah opened the presents and cards that she had received before heading off for school.  Her main present from us was a Nintendo DS Lite game.

Rebekah with her new Nintendo DS Lite

Other gifts that she unwrapped before breakfast included some games for the DS, a case and tokens for more games for the DS as well as some money.

7th birthdays are exciting!

Rebekah liked her 'Willy Wonka' card from us

Holly with a 'non-birthday' present she received

Emily getting excited!

Rebekah and Holly engrossed in the new DS

Once Rebekah was at school and Holly had been taken to Nursery, we took Emily and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at Palmieri’s in Maidenhead.  Sarah decided upon a bacon baguette while I opted for scrambled egg, beans, bacon and sausage which arrived on a large platter.  It tasted delicious.

A delectable breakfast

After leaving Palmieri’s we went off to get Emily weighed,  for the final time, at St Marks Hospital.  She weighed in at 10.2kg (22lb 8oz) which is almost exactly where she should be after a year.

Following a visit to Sainsbury’s during which I both bumped into Jon and failed to buy a digital camera due to lack of stock, we returned home.

After collecting Holly from nursery, we went into town to pick up a few items and ended up eating a McDonalds in the park.

During the afternoon I cut the grass and put a few chairs out in the garden in readiness for the visit from relatives later on.

Rebekah had a busy afternoon.  Once she had finished school at 3pm she then had to be back again for an End of Year Disco at 4.15pm.

We collected her at about 5.15pm to find the disco in full swing in the school hall and were greeted by the slightly incongruous sight of teachers and pupils dancing along to Hey Baby and Do wah diddy

As the disco came to an end, prizes for the Pop Prince and Pop Princess were awarded.  Rebekah was given a meerkat in a Santa hat for being the Pop Princess!

When we got home, Mum, Heather, Hugh and Katy came around and we enjoyed some of Rebekah’s hedgehog birthday cake while sat out in the garden.

Relighting the candles on Rebekah's hedgehog cake after they blew out

Rebekah blowing out the candles

Mum and Emily


Holly enjoying her cake with her Auntie Heather

Katy mid-mouthful!

Emily after her birthday cake

Rebekah and Holly with their Grandma

Later, at bedtime, Rebekah said that she had enjoyed a lovely birthday and liked all of her presents.  I’m not certain that Emily will be as communicative about her gifts tomorrow!

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