Emily’s First Birthday – 16 July 2011

Emily enjoyed a low-key first birthday today and celebrated mainly with the family.

Rebekah and Holly played the roles of helpful sisters by helping Emily with the unwrapping of various presents and cards.

Emily looking a little overwhelmed by her presents

Starting to open her first present

Holly helping out

Getting the right idea

Rebekah lending a hand

This wrapping paper is tasty!

Three bundles of trouble!

Unlike the warm sunshine of yesterday, today was much cooler and wetter and there was no sitting outside in shorts!

Later in the morning we popped around to Mum’s for coffee before coming home for lunch.

Unwrapping a present from Grandma

Sarah and Emily with a birthday card from Grandma

During the afternoon, as well as watching The Open, we went around to Sarah’s parents’ house where Emily had more presents to open, as well as a birthday cake to enjoy!

Emily with a new book

Emily’s 1st Birthday cake

Emily after her birthday cake

Sarah and I managed to take the time to escape into town without the girls in tow to investigate the Next Sale and we finished up with Mr Cod chips for dinner.

As first birthdays go, it was a quiet day, but Emily seemed to enjoy herself and her presents and the others liked playing with her new toys as well!

Emily signing her age at the end of her birthday

Now that the birthdays are behind us, it’s time to focus on our upcoming holiday in Shropshire at the end of the month.

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