July Walk to Cookham Dean – 23rd July 2011

It’s been another busy Saturday.

This morning we went into Maidenhead to do some shopping.  Among other things, we looked at the exhibition at Maidenhead Methodist Church for the proposed Kings Triangle development for Maidenhead Town Centre.  It seems to be the kind of radical thinking that the shops in Maidenhead need.  If all goes to plan, they it would be ready to open in 2015.

The Kings Triangle exhibition was attracting lots of interest

After returning home for lunch we split up.  Emily was left with Sarah’s parents while Sarah took Holly to see Tangled in Kidwells Park as part of Maidenhead at the Movies.

I went over with Rebekah to do some much-postponed weeding on the vegetable plot.  The recent heavy rain has certainly helped all the vegetables to grow – as well as the weeds!

With our holiday coming up at the end of the month, it’s something that I was pleased to get done and the plot looks a lot better as a result.

Runner bean flowers in the vegetable plot

French beans!

New growth on the rhubarb

After the weeding was finished we completed the July walk up to Cookham Dean and back.  Mum joined us for a short time before heading home again.

A cricket match underway

Rebekah inspecting the crop

Ripening wheat

Heading up the path

The year is moving on fast and the wheat is rapidly turning golden brown.  Further up the track we found that the blackberries are ripening fast and tasting delicious!

Ripening blackberries

Ripening apples


Watering cans

Rose in Cookham Dean Churchyard

Flicking grasses

After finishing the walk we met up with the others and enjoyed eating fish and chips down by the river at Maidenhead.  On a day that we’d been somewhat separated during the afternoon, it was good to be all together again at the end.

Enjoying fish and chips by the river

Holly playing with the water at the fountain

The 'Ada Lewis Trough'

Water droplets at the fountain

Feeding the geese

Final view of the fountain

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