Family and Smiles – 26th August 2011

Although it’s only been a few weeks since our holiday in Shropshire, I was more than ready for another day off work and particularly one already linked to a long weekend.

We woke to the sound of heavy rain, and half an inch fell before things finally began to dry up around 11am.

We spent most of the morning shopping in Maidenhead before returning home for lunch.

During the afternoon, we went over to Mum’s and met Heather, Hugh and Katy there.  I picked another load of runner beans from the veg plot while the five cousins played together.

More runner beans!

Hugh, Heather and Katy

Afterwards, we drove over to Bourne End for our second visit to Smiles Fish and Chip Restaurant.

Smiles is essentially divided into two halfs – an area for ordering and collecting takeaway fish and chips, and an area for eating in.  We opted for the latter.


Fish and chips

As last time, the service was quick and friendly and the food was excellent both in terms of quantity and quality.  Despite the fact that it was only 5.30pm when we arrived, the restaurant was quickly filling up and remained so during the duration of our visit.

Smiles' fishy logo

Holly smiling in Smiles

Following our meal we had a short stroll along Bourne End High Street before heading home via the river at Maidenhead.

Although the weather had threatened to spoil the day somewhat, we were pleased that we’d been able to meet up with family and enjoy a good meal out.

Thanks to Rebekah for lending me her camera for these shots.  I in turn lent mine to Jon for a wedding.

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