Catching Up – 27 August 2011

After the excitement of eating out yesterday and with Emily still under the weather with another ear infection, we had a relatively quiet day today.

The morning was spent visiting Homebase, in whose car-park I met up with Jon, after shopping, to retrieve my camera.

Afterwards we went over to Mum’s for coffee, meeting up with her sister, my Auntie Eileen, who is in the country visiting from her home in Canada.  My sister’s family then also turned up.  There was much to catch up on with Auntie Eileen as she hasn’t been over to the UK since Dad’s funeral and she was keen to see Heather’s photos of the Order of the Garter ceremony.

Emily ‘helping’ Rebekah learn to play chess

Looking at photos of the Garter Ceremony with Auntie Eileen

Rain delaying our return home

After returning home for lunch, we stayed in during the afternoon and evening.

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