Alan and Jennifer’s Wedding Celebration – 3rd September 2011

We spent a very enjoyable afternoon, along with a couple of hundred others, in joining in the wedding celebrations of our good friends Alan and Jennifer.

Some of the early arrivals

Alan and Jennifer were married on 23rd July 2011 in a small ceremony up at a castle in Scotland which only members of the family attended.  This afternoon was a chance for them to share their happiness with a wider circle of friends.

Alan and Jennifer on their wedding day

The afternoon took place in dry and at times sunny weather, at Oakwood Youth Challenge, an activity centre in Wokingham which we first visited a couple of years ago.

Although there were various activities organised during the afternoon, including a hire-ropes walk and archery, we ended up spending most of the time catching up with friends and those we hadn’t seen for some time.

Victor on the high ropes

Sean takes a lunge from the top of a 30 foot pole

Ben jumping

The girls disappeared off to play with other children their age and enjoyed running around in the open space and up and down the hills chasing each other, as children do.

Children at play

One large room had a video showing highlights from the wedding as well as some photos from Alan and Jennifer’s honeymoon in Cuba.

Another room was set up for drinks including delicious lemonade custom-made for the occasion by Samuelsons of Witney!

Personalised lemonade

The afternoon passed quickly and before long it was time for the cutting-of-the-cake.  This ceremony took place on a raised dais surrounded by wooden shelters with ample space for the many onlookers.

The Happy Couple

Cutting the cake

Cake cutting with an audience

Alan being Alan

The cake was part of the happy couple’s original wedding cake and the cutting mirrored that which had taken place some six weeks earlier.

Some of the crowds

Later, it was time for the food which was supplied by outside caterers and consisted of a hog roast.  Both of the girls were interested to see the pig, still mounted on its pole, following the cooking.  Once the food was available, a long queue rapidly developed as word spread.

A small part of the queue for the hog roast

Steve and Susanna

Emily posing

Following the main course, a smorgasbord of desserts, including cut slices of the wedding cake were produced.

A selection of desserts on offer

As the afternoon moved into the evening, James Jury provided entertainment for the masses including an impromptu game of Mr and Mrs for the newlyweds followed by a competition to see which of them could build the highest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows.

The Mr and Mrs game underway

James posing another question

Alan receiving help and advise from his niece, Pru

This was followed by a comical re-enactment of Alan’s morning routine with Jennifer’s arms playing the part of Alan’s as he ‘carried out’ tasks including washing, shaving and eating breakfast.

Alan's morning ablutions

Michelle Jury then read a couple of moving poems penned by Alan’s nieces over in New Zealand.

Michelle reading the poems

Amusement at the poems

Victor, Alan’s Dad, concluded the formal proceedings with a short epilogue before James ran through the story of Alan’s ‘Hot Stuff’ socks which he wore to every wedding he attended since 1998 until his own.  The socks, of which little remained, were ritually ripped apart.

Victor delivering a short epilogue

The end of the Hot Stuff socks

It was an excellent afternoon, a chance to both renew old acquaintances and meet new friends as well as being able to share in Alan and Jennifer’s happiness.

Alan's sock in happier days


5th September – I’m still working through the 274 photos which I took at Alan and Jennifer’s Celebrations.  I’ll add the best of them on here over the next few days.

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