BBQ with Freddie and Jen – 2nd September 2011

We had an entertaining evening when Freddie and Jen came around for a BBQ.

They were up staying over in Maidenhead in readiness for Alan and Jennifer’s wedding celebrations which are due to take place in Wokingham tomorrow.

Freddie and Jen had kindly opted to bring their own food to cook on the BBQ.  Our only problem was that there was too much food for our miniature folding BBQ so the decision was taken to hastily assemble our new £10 (reduced from £30!) BBQ which we had bought in Wilkinson some weeks before.

Freddie building the BBQ

Fortunately the BBQ assembly only took some 20 minutes or so, although with the shorter evenings, the night was closing in by the time it came to start cooking.


Fortunately I was able to dig out an old floodlight which we eventually rigged up by hooking it onto a parasol stand wedged into the hedge.  This then provided ample illumination for cooking by.

Freddie by floodlight

BBQ with Jen, Sarah and table behind

Other lighting, provided by candles, gave some definition to the food, plates and glasses on the table.


Freddie cooking


Table lit by candles



The al fresco evening passed with much merriment and laughter – not least caused by my consuming a glass and a half of wine!

Eventually Freddie and Jen disappeared into the night after helping us set the garden straight.

A great night.

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