A rolling Stone – 14th September 2011

After some four years, today marks the final day that Alan Stone is with us in Woking.

A quietly spoken, hirsute man sporting a vaccuous grin, Alan would regularly be spotted padding about the office in socks.  Behind that grin is an actually an immense brain belonging to a man who reads books on data analysis for light relief!

He became a regular on the ‘circuit’ – a walk around the shopping centres of Woking – and his speedy pace ensured that accompanying him was never a dull time.

Now it’s his time to move on and with his passing a small light in my life is extinguished.

All the best mate.  You’ll be missed.

Mr Stone in typical Friday apparel

Taking part in the 'High Rollers' World Cup sweepstake

Mr Stone's image remains after his passing

Posing with Ben on his one and only circuit

Crammed into the lift

Out for a Christmas lunch at Nandos

Keeping dry

A wet circuit

Outside the new Tiger store in Woking

Posing with Sam in front of The Apprentice's Helen Milligan

Cooling down in a freezer in Sainsburys

Sporting his favourite shirt

Alan expressing some disappointment at this size of his new umbrella

A final drink with Mr Stone

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