The last hurrah for @dataman2000 – 14th September 2011

We enjoyed our final circuit around the streets of Woking with Mr Stone today – but not before I had already completed my own circuit – buying various leaving gifts for him!

The final foray was hampered further both by the main man being encumbered with a departmental last luncheon and by Mr Herrington choosing today of all days to book an opticians appointment!

Eventually I met up with Stuart and we enjoyed an al fresco cold drink and slice of chocolate cake from Starbucks before being joined by Alan.

Stuart with cake and drinks

The regular circuit continued via WH Smiths and Greggs before we reached Appy Feet.  Here we pondered a visit but ultimately decided against it.

Stuart and Alan

We made a brief stop in Tiger before heading back towards the office.  On the way we paused for a couple more photos.

With Mr Stone outside his least favourite store, perdry

Mr Stone

Alan and Stuart

Alan and me

Embracing the circuit

Arty shot

Later it was time for Alan’s farewell speech.  This followed a short presentation entitled Ten things you never knew about Alan Stone.

It was an interesting and somewhat sad day.  Alan was among my two or three best mates at work and pounding the circuit alone will take some getting used to.

He’s a good lad and I wish him well for the future.

Two Alans

Tiff and Alan

Sam and Alan

Me and Alan

Three men and a cleaning sign

Alan and Stuart

Final manly hug!

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