My final photo of Grandma – 29th October 2011

My final photo of Grandma

I took this photo of Grandma on 7th October 2010 and I realise now that it’s the last photo that I took of her.  A few weeks after I took this, she would leave us.

Grandma had to renew her Disabled Parking Permit and rather than go to the hassle of getting it taken in town, I took this for her in her lounge.

Seeing it again reminds me how much she was a part of my life and how much I still miss her being around.

We always used to joke about Christmas coming and how quickly the years flew by.  Little did I realise when I took this photo that she had already enjoyed her last Christmas with us.

It’s sad that Emily will have no memory of her Great-Grandma.  Grandma always loved babies and she would have found Emily very amusing.  Fortunately Rebekah and Holly remember her and still talk about her.

Last week we went to visit her grave and Holly, in typical Holly style, leaned over the grave and called out ‘Hello Great-Grandma!’ while giving a friendly wave!

Last Christmas was something of a blur that I passed through on auto-pilot.  This one will be tough in many ways as we try and make things as memorable as possible for the girls.  In the back of my mind, my thoughts will be of both Grandma and Dad and of all the happy times that we enjoyed at Christmas over the years.

I miss you Grandma. x

Christmas 2008

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2 thoughts on “My final photo of Grandma – 29th October 2011

  1. Thanks for that Philip – and these great photos. How sweet of Holly to talk to Grandma like that and wave! It’s your children that I am sure will be a big help this Christmas – for you – and for your Mum. Children find it so easy to be joyful and have that lovely simple acceptance of those who have gone ahead to be with the Lord.
    At this time of year, I was usually shopping around looking for a present for my Mum, so have been thinking a lot about her too.
    You are probably the same with thoughts like, “What would Grandma/Mum have thought of that?” or “wish I could tell Dad that.”
    It’s a real loss. May the Lord help you through it.

    • Thanks for your comment.
      I agree that Christmas being just around the corner does tend to focus the mind on these things. We’re determined to try and enjoy it as much as we can do as a family.
      Mum continues to do incredibly well considering her ‘double-loss’. We’re planning on having her to lunch on Christmas Day and then probably all going for tea at Heather’s.
      Hope you and yours are all well.

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