Holly’s 5th birthday party – 19 November 2011

Holly held her 5th birthday party this afternoon at our church, Parkside Christian Fellowship.

Holly had decided on a pink theme for the party and we were down this morning setting up the hall with appropriately coloured balloons, bunting and table decorations.

The birthday girl

Rebekah and Holly

Looking down the hall

The party ran between 1.30pm and 3.30pm and Holly had invited 11 of her friends, mainly from school to help her celebrate.  We managed to persuade my neice and nephew that they would like to help as well.

The guests arrived at around 1.30 and about half of the parents decided to stay for the duration of the party.

Sarah was in charge of activities and Rebekah and I were helping out by obeying orders.  As such, I didn’t end up taking that many photos.

The party began with a craft activity to decorate cardboard crowns.  This took some time as some of the children were more thorough than others!

Party games included ‘Duck Duck Goose‘, ‘Pin the kiss on the frog’, ‘Musical bumps’.

Holly takes a turn at ‘Duck Duck Goose’

Nathan takes a turn

The games were followed by food – consisting of mainly cakes and biscuits – as well as the ubiquitous birthday cake.

The tea table

Looking from the other end of the table

Holly’s birthday cake

Ready for the big moment

Blowing out the candles

After the break for food, it was on with the games.  The first was ‘The chocolate game‘, ‘Musical statues‘, various games with a parachute and finishing with playing with space hoppers.

Overall, the party went off very well – largely thanks to Sarah’s organisation.  All the children seemed to enjoy it and Holly also had a good time.

Afterwards, I asked Holly what was the best thing about her party.  Her reply ‘Me being silly!’.  Typical Holly.

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