Meal at The Beehive – 20th January 2012

One year on from Dad’s passing, Mum’s three children decided to take her out for a meal at The Beehive in White Waltham.

The Beehive is an excellent pub with a reasonably large restaurant area situated a short way from the bar.  It is currently having a new conservatory added to the front, although building work hasn’t yet started.

We had booked for 7.15pm and found ourselves with a round table in a quiet corner of the restaurant which was an ideal location.  We were among the first guests so had the advantage of ordering before the masses – and only having to wait a short time for our food to arrive.

The menu consisted of a variety of largely traditional dishes displayed on a blackboard above an open fire.  Heather and Adrian opted for the Chicken Supreme, while Mum and I plumped for the cod and chips.

Grimsby cod and chips

The portions were generous and the food arrived promptly, well cooked and neatly presented.

Candle on the table

Candles on the window sill

For dessert, Mum and Heather opted for the curiously named Lemon Posset while Adrian and I chose the traditional Chocolate Fudge Cake with cream.  The Lemon Posset is a very light mousse topped off with a raspberry.  Again, all the puddings were well presented and delicious.

Mum and Heather with their Lemon Possets

Chocolate fudge cake and cream

We had an enjoyable evening catching up and reminiscing on events from the past.

As we left, every table in the restaurant was occupied – the mark of a popular eating venue!  We would certainly return again.

We went back to Mum’s for coffee and ended up sorting out old childrens books that had been in her loft for the best part of thirty years!

It was good to catch up with the family again and we all enjoyed spending the evening together.  It seemed an appropriate way to mark a year down the road.

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